Samsung Has a Plan to Succeed With The Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the newest premium smartphone. Samsung usually releases three form smartphones in two different dates, the regular and a larger plus version within the first quarter; before September when Apple release their iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 started to be considered a threat to Apple iPhones. Buy Samsung most recent smartphone Samsung Galaxy 9 did not help to increase sales. The company is reserved in announcing its sales, external analytics expect Samsung to ship 31 million units this calendar year. Which in comparison to Apple who shipped 41.3 million units in the first quarter.

Investors question is whether the newest Galaxy Note can change the financial situation. While videos that have been released by Samsung do not promise so. There are expectations of Samsung having a secret plan to keep increasing its sales.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 starting sales point is storage. A recent video has shown that the company will be offering 512GB of internal memory. Therefore, Samsung has confirmed the information is genuine. Samsung also mentions that users of Note 9 will be able to expand the memory of the Smartphone to 1 terabyte. In comparison to Apple, 512 gigabytes will double the size on the biggest phone Apple has, the iPhone X, and it also doubles the size of many Apple’s MacBook.

Apple and Samsung are the main competitors in this industry. However, it seems that Samsung product has become the less important for the company at the moment, they were focusing to increase their operating profit, which increased from 29.24 trillion Korean won to 53.65 trillion. All this growth came from the company’s device solution business which is composed by the semiconductors and display panels used in computing devices including smartphones.

Therefore, Samsung has an interest in continuing to increment the average storage of each phone across the industry, to gain its true profit centre. The Wall Street Journal found that Samsung gain $97 from every iPhone X unit sold with the new OLED display alone, and $13 pounds more from others parts the company supply to Apple. Samsung can grow it sales by having higher storage and their expensive displays.

Will it work?

When the smartphone Galaxy Note 5 release in 2015 it had 32GB of storage which doubled Apple's iPhone 6S. This brought some criticism to apple, as people started to notice the iOS operating system needed at least 6GB to function correctly. Which made Apple to increase their storage to 32GB in the following Phones.

Nowadays, the use of streaming video services such as Netflix and Amazon, and streaming music such as Apple Music and Spotify have decreased the demand for on-device storage. At the same time manufacturers have increased the memory storage, at the moment latest smartphones from Samsung and Apple have 64 gigabytes at the entry-level.

However, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with an extremely storage memory of 128 gigabytes which is expected to make millions from its semiconductor division.

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