Samsung "Foldable" Phone Could Cost £2000

Read it and weep. That’s right, Samsungs new foldable phone could cost up to $2500 according to Gizmodo.

The report also suggests that the new foldable Galaxy phone could also be an EE exclusive in the UK. Now if the agreement does actually go ahead, it appears that EE will offer the new foldable phone from Samsung by contract and SIM-Free. The Samsung store itself will only be offering it SIM-Free.

Gizmodo also states that the phone itself could cost between £1,500 and £2,000. That’s even given Apple a run for their money with the latest iPhone XR & XS range. To be fair, although that price is rather eye-watering, it’s not exactly something that shocks us as with the case with all new innovations, it costs an arm and a leg upon release.

From what we know, the supposed Samsung “Flex” will start at a base cost of £1000 with the top end model costing up to £2000.

What are your thoughts? Worth the cost, or is it just another fad? Let us know...

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