Our First Look At The New Galaxy S10

This is probably our best look thus far about the look and design of Samsung's next flagship, the Galaxy S10.

The image was leaked by Twitter user, Evan Blass.

The image appears to show three different types of S10 - Starting left to right, the Galaxy S10E, S10 and the S10+.

From what we know already, the S10 is rumoured to boast Inifinity-O screens and the front-facing camera will be implemented into the screen itself. Two of the models will feature curved screens whereas the S10E or “Lite” will have a flat screen.

The fingerprint scanner has also moved, this time it will be built into the screen or if you get the S10E, you’ll find it on the side of the phone.

But the most important feature of them all? It will feature a 3.5mm headphone jack! Huzzuh!

In other news, Samsung’s Galaxy F design should be an exciting addition to the model range.

Samsung believes that the Smartphone as we know it will eventually become redundant and evolve into something considerably more portable and usable. This would explain Samsungs move to invest heavily into the all-new Infinity Flex Display which enables the user to have a completely foldable and mouldable screen.

Not only does this pave the way for foldable mobile phones that actually have the capability to function and genuinely be an asset to the user rather than just being a “trendy gimmick” that will phase out - Google Glass I’m looking at you…

Hark-sang also predicts a massive change in the smartphone industry over the next coming years as manufacturers scramble to make the next big innovation.

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