New Leaks Verify Apple's iPhone Design Decision

Apple has accidentally given away their new design change of their upcoming new iPhones. But one of their key suppliers has revealed the biggest change of the new iPhones information.

Lumentum Holdings; Apple’s key supplier, has revealed the growth of AR and 3D sensing business, this company supplies components for the iPhone X Face ID.

Furthermore, Lumentum Holdings forecast reveal that orders will increase significantly from September 2018. As new iPhones design will be bezel-less design with Face ID.

Furthermore, Apple is expecting to integrate Face ID in the next iPads generation, and only iPad Pro will have Face ID. Moreover, 75 % of Lumentums VCSEL sales come from Apple.

The confirmation of iPhone X will come with an inspired design, while iPhone 9 will come with Face ID security

iPhones characteristics have differed from the design of iPhone X to the security Face ID on iPhone 9, iPhone X Plus and second generation iPhone X. The change and elimination of 3D touch has a radical impact on the iPhones.

However, what is coming to be the most potential phone is the budget iPhone X / iPhone 9, which is breaking with its display tech coming with thinner bezels than other models, and its dual sim functionality.

Within all the categories iPhone 9 includes, Apple will reduce the price within the new range, however, it will cost a little more than the iPhone 8.

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