How To Get Fortnite On Any Android Phone

Last week, Fortnite game became available for Android users phone. However Epic Game give the priority to Samsung phone users to experience the game. This has last for few days as now is a new beta version which gives the possibility to non-Samsung phone users to be entertained with this game.

To play this game, you have to sign up for the beta version on Epics Website. Then you will have to download the app right after signing up. However, to complete the process and be able to play, Epic needs to give you access to be able to play from your Android device.

However, to be able to successfully play this game, you are advised to have one of the latest Android devices, due to the hardware demand of the game. For this, Epic Games has listed what smartphones would be capable with the hardware demand of the game. It is necessary to check the list before signing up to not having problems with its performance.

When downloading the Fortnite game it will be necessary to temporarily disable permissions on your phone, as you are downloading and APK from Epic’s website and not the usual Google Play store. After downloading the game it is recommendable to enable the permissions again.

Try to download this app from the original website, for instance, there are few other website that allows people to download the game from different phones, which is not recommended as the hardware of the game will demand and actual date software to work correctly.

Once you sign up for the beta version, be prepared to wait as there is a significant demand waiting to play the game.

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