How to Delete Apps On iPhone 7

Last updated: 22nd June 2018

There are occasions when you may want to remove apps from your iPhone 7. Whether you have stopped using the app or downloaded it to try and decided it wasn’t for you, you will naturally want to delete it, so it is not taking up valuable storage space and cluttering your screen. So how do you remove apps from your iPhone 7?

How To Delete Apps on your iPhone

Get the wiggle on

Most iPhone users will be familiar with the concept of deleting apps by pressing the app icon until it starts to wiggle. However, the iPhone 7 has brought about a bit of a change that has left many users confused. When you firmly press down on an app, on your iPhone 7, you will find that it no longer wiggles and instead the 3D menu pops up. The trick now is to press down lightly. By doing this, the familiar wiggle icons will appear. The grey cross in the corner of the app indicates that it can now be deleted. When you press the cross, you will be asked to confirm that you are intentionally deleting the app and have not ended up there by accident. Confirm the deletion and the app will disappear. Some system apps cannot be removed, so you might want to move these to one folder if you don’t intend on to using them.

Use the settings menu

  • Another way of deleting apps on the iPhone 7 is to use the settings menu
  • Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Storage > Manage Storage

Here, you will be able to see the apps that you have installed that can be deleted and are not related to the operating system. When you touch one of the apps, you will notice that it tells you how much storage space that particular app uses (some may surprise you). Under that, you will see ‘Delete App’ in red. Touching this will enable you to delete the app. Again, you will have to confirm that you are deliberately deleting the app. Once you do this, the app will be successfully removed.

Move apps

If you are unsure whether you want to permanently remove an app, but don’t want to see it on a daily basis, the other option is to move it to a folder. Moving and arranging apps works on the same basis as deleting apps. Gently hold down the app until it starts to wiggle. You can now drag the app to wherever you want it to be. If you're going to start a new folder, simply drag any two wiggling apps together. This will form a folder which the phone will helpfully name based on the content, but you can rename it at any stage yourself.

Apps that are no longer used will be taking up storage which impacts on the speed of the phone and the size of your backups, so it really does make sense to remove apps that you no longer use. This helps to keep the phone running at optimal speed and means that any backups do not become too cumbersome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an App?

A: An app, or application, is usually a software which has been made available for mobiles or tablets, however, apps can also be found on computers.

Q: How do I download apps on my iPhone?

A: Downloading apps on your iPhone couldn't be easier. Simply select the 'App Store' application, search for the app you want to download and press 'install'.

Q: Is there a Quick Mobile Fix app?

A: Yes there is! You can download it for free for Apple or Android!

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