How The iPod Nano Inspired The Apple Watch

Have you ever wondered why the Apple watch looks freakishly similar to the Apple Nano 6th Generation? No? Neither did we until we did some digging...

The Apple iPod Nano 6th Gen was launched in September 2010 - Since then people tried different ways to take their iPod nano with themselves anywhere. The demand of people carrying their iPod Nanos easier rapidly increased and opened the mind of other industries to create wristbands for iPod Nanos.

It even became popular to have an iPod nano 6th generation on the wrist being able to connect this gadget with their phones, speakers, listen to music, radio, watch videos in an easy way.

Therefore around August 2011, Apple filed a patent of what could be the future Apple Watch named iTime at that stage of the creation.

This patent was very similar to what it is the iPod nano 6th generation with a wristband. So Apple understood the demand from people and decided to create an Apple watch.

But, Why it took so long to release the Apple Watch? Apple is not known to be the first to launch new creations, however, every device Apple creates it has to be unique and integrate a lot of innovation to their smart devices which is why to create what is now an Apple watch took so long.

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