The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Have Two Day Battery

Every wondered why we can put a man on the moon, but can't make a phone's battery last more than a day? Us too.

So naturally, Samsung has developed a new battery capacity which can apparently last two days for the latest in a long series, the Galaxy Note 9.

Word has reached us that the Note 9 will boast an impressive 4000mAh battery over the Note 8's 3300mAh. How accurate is this being real? Pretty accurate.
A filing was made with 'ANATEL' in Brazil which says it clearly. The discovery was found by SamMobile.

This is significant because a certain Russian chap called Eldar Murtazin apparently had some hands-on time with a leaked unit which he claimed had a 4000mAh battery which has now just been confirmed.

The good thing about this is it means it gives hope for Eldar's other claims that the battery lasts for a good two days on one charge, and can play videos constantly for 25hrs on full brightness with no issues.

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Article by Liam Freeman

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