Four Terrible Smartphone Trends

The 'Smartphone' was invented 25 years ago in 1992. They were the first devices to combine various functions along with the main purpose of a normal cell phone.

Since then companies have been trying to set trends by adding extra functions and gadgets, but in doing so, taking away some functionality that was actually useful. Some of these trends actually damaged some companies so much that they died soon after they came out.

3D Screens

In 2011 HTC launched the “HTC EVO 3D” which they thought was going to be one of the most successful smartphones of the time. Therefore months later, LG decided to step up and introduce “LG Optimus 3D”. This 3D smartphone became very popular, but customers started to experience headaches when using it. It also suffered from huge underdevelopment, even Google did not see any future for this idea and decided to not support 3D for Android.

Nowadays, Apple seems to have learned from others errors, and instead of introducing 3D screens they decided to introduce 3D touch.

Built-in projectors

When watching movies and online videos started to be trendy, it caught the attention of big companies such as Samsung and Lenovo. They decided to cover this demand and introduce the Samsung i8520, or more commonly known as 'Beam' whilst Lenovo introduced the Smart Cast Laser Project. They weren't overly successful due to the poor quality of the reflection and TV manufacturers were introducing new models that had considerably higher definition and clarity.

Dual screens

Rumours and expectations are for the big brands to launch bigger phones, foldable phones, and dual screen phones. However, this already happens in 2017 when ZTE launch its Axon M smartphone. The problem is, not many people were interested in this type of smartphone. The marketing campaign wasn't exactly the best and the company who did not promote it too well the new dual screen phones and people were not interested in dual screen phones.

Removal of headphone jacks

One of the most irritating updates companies such as Motorola, Apple, and Google has done to their consumers, was to take out the classic headphones jacks. The main reason for doing this was to satisfy the demand of their thinner smartphones. However, it can also be a strategy to introduce the new trendy EarPods to the market. Let's hope Samsung and LGs smartphones do not remove the headphone jack in their future phones and listen to the customers!

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