Four Reasons Why We're Excited For Apple's Event
It’s that time of year again where Apple host their annual event to show off what new gadgets and gizmos they have in store for us, ready for the Christmas spending spree. But there has been no real set confirmation of what we’re going to be getting this time around so here are five things we’re excited for from Apple’s 2018 event.

The New iPhone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the rumours for the next iPhone to be unveiled at today’s event. If the rumours are true, the new iPhone certainly has some very competitive specs and could be one to watch out for. The only downside to this is that the iPhone X instantly loses value as coffee table hipsters rush towards the apple store to get the latest device.

If the rumours are indeed correct, we should be getting the iPhone XS with the same screen size, but updated internal specifications overall, improving the format. That being said, Apple is expected to be announcing a larger screened 6.5-inch edition with a larger battery.

The New Apple Watch (Series 4)

Yes, one of those watches that you keep hearing about. There’s going to be another one! Now, of course, the iPhone takes the main stage for this event, but the Series 4 Apple watch certainly deserves some attention. The Apple Watch appears to be getting a fairly major overhaul design wise since it’s launch in 2015 with a new clean look. Some leaked images appeared to show a larger display and edge to edge screen design.

Some new AirPods and cool bits

Nothing overly spectacular, but Apple is supposedly launching a new set of AirPods that has a new wireless chip inside. It even supports hands-free Siri activation.

It means new competition for Samsung

Naturally, Samsung will be watching today's live stream with great intent to see exactly what one of their main competitors is up to. But it also is very good for competition, pushing Samsung to make their next flagship model even better than the next in line iPhones.

This is only good news for us, the consumers at it will push new tech boundaries to bring us better phones.

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