Fortnite Could Be An Android Exclusive For Four Months

That's right! The game that has taken over the world is heading to Andriod devices soon - But it could be an Android exclusive for four months.

Now, there is no denying the popularity of Epic's third-person shooter and naturally, the excitement for the game coming to mobile devices is understandable. But what if we were to tell you that the MMO giant may be exclusive to Andriod for four months?

Well, that is rumoured to be the case. Alongside Galaxy Note 9 leaks, we've been teased with the apparent arrival of Fortnite mobile being an exclusive to be launched in conjunction to the latest Samsung device. The exclusivity deal was originally suggested to be only 30 days long but a new nugget of information says it could be for a longer period.

Android Headlines says that Fortnite will definitely be an exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for the first month. But, apparently, there will be another period for Samsung Galaxy devices which will last from around 60 to 90 days.

All in all, that could potentially be a four-month exclusivity deal to Android.

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Article By Liam Freeman

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