Could There Be New Versions Of The iPhone X?

So, you may have recently heard that Apple has had to give into the German government about unplanned upgrades to some older iPhone models, but did you expect to see a new version of the iPhone X so soon? Probably not.

Well, leaked info from iPhoneHacks suggests that we’ll be getting new versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max soon with a colour that looks fantastic on the XR, “Product RED”.

Another good update to the design looks like we’ll be getting a brushed aluminium back cover which would lead to suggest they’ve fixed the issues with the iPhone X originally.


What is more interesting about this though is that these new versions are being initially launched in China of all places. Perhaps this could be linked to the fall in sales within the region of China for Apple.

Product RED originally made its way onto iPhones in March of 2017 for the iPhone 7 and later for the iPhone 8.

Via: Forbes


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