Tips For Freeing Up Storage On An iPhone

Trying to take a photo on your iPhone but that annoying 'cannot take photo' keeps popping up, no matter how many of your photos you delete? Well, here are a few tips you might not have thought of that frees up your memory....

Tips For Freeing Up Storage On An iPhone

  • Delete text messages - Deleting text messages, including all attachments which may have been sent tend to free up a lot of memory. You can do this in bulk by telling iOS to purge any messages that have been on the device for longer than a stipulated period - anything older than 30 days, or anything more than a year old. You do this via Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages, select a time parameter, then click Delete.
  • Delete Whatsapp chats
  • Clear Whatsapp chats - If you don't want to delete a whole Whatsapp chat, with the risk of not being added back into the group chat, this is your best option. It deletes all previous messages, and, most importantly, images and documents that may have been sent. Sent images take up lots of memory, and they're usually just buried in your phone, deep within a chat.
  • Updating the software - This is useful if you don't use all the preset apps that you can't download, as the latest update allows you to delete those apps that Apple thinks you need, and wouldn't originally let you delete.
  • Deleting apps - you can see which apps are taking up the most storage in your settings.Simply go to settings > general > storage & iCloud usage > storage > manage storage.
  • Delete documents or data you don't need in apps - once in manage storage, you are able to see what apps are taking up the most memory. You may have saved or downloaded files in these apps which you can now delete. For example, downloaded programs on 4od, books you have read or documents that aren't needed in Pages.
  • Optimise iPhone storage - If your iPhone is low on space and you take a lot of photos, this allows full resolution photos and videos to be replaced with optimised versions. The original full resolution videos will then be saved on your iCloud.
  • ?Turning off your photo stream - ?This is when all images and videos from all your devices are automatically updated to the photo stream on your iPhone. They're not full resolution but are still likely to take up a lot of space on your iPhone. Turn this off by going to Settings > Photos & Camera and deselect My Photo Stream. Note: this will delete your Photo Stream from your iPhone.
  • Don't join other people's photostreams - surprise surprise, seeing their photos on your phone will eat into your memory.
  • Turn off burst mode - when burst mode is on, you can accidently take more than one photo just by pressing the button to take a photo for too long, which means you could have 10's of photos under one photo, without knowing it.
  • Turn off live photos - these are the photos that partly record while taking a photo, so when you press down on them, they will move. You can do this by clicking the live icon (the middle circle) when your camera is on.
  • Spring clean your notes - people often forget about their notes, which is sometimes full to the brim with information which is no longer needed. Delete old notes to free up space.

To check your storage, simply go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage

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