The Differences Between Grade A & Grade C Phones

Wondering what the difference between our Grade A & Grade C devices? Not a problem - here’s a handy guide that will explain exactly what the differences of a Grade A & Grade C Phone is.

How we grade our phones.

Good (Grade C)

A good condition device, you can expect some like blemishes and scratches on the near cover, front glass and buttons.

Excellent (Grade A)

Fantastic condition device with very minor blemishes and light marks that aren’t noticeable unless expected at close range.

Pristine (Like New)

These devices are in “Like new” condition, where there will be little to no wear on the phone what so ever.

You can watch this Handy video explaining in-depth the differences between each Grade.

Grade A - Excellent

Our Grade A phones are in fantastic condition and have minor signs of use such as small blemishes and in some cases, light marks on the aluminium casing and sides. These are not noticeable unless under very close inspection. These phones are pretty much as new and are only a fraction of the price of a brand new device.

Grade C - Good

Good condition phones are great value for money, they may have the odd scratch and scuff on the aluminium back and side casing & sometimes buttons, but would be far from noticeable if used with a case. These phones are ideal for those looking to replace their old device but don’t want to spend as much for a “Like new” phone.

Interested in seeing what to expect with our pristine phone bundles? Take a look at this!

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