The Difference Between A Single Phone & Phone Bundle

So you’re looking to buy a refurbished phone, but are unsure whether to go for a phone on its own or go for a bundle package? No problem - this handy guide should answer everything you need to know about our Bundles and Single devices.

Quite often we’re asked about what is the better phone to buy. On its own, or in a bundle? Well, there’s no straight answer to this, as it entirely depends on your needs with your refurbished device.

The first thing to mention is to establish is what condition you’d like

Our grading system ranges from the following:

Good (Grade C)

A good condition device, you can expect some like blemishes and scratches.

See all good condition phones.

Excellent (Grade A)

Fantastic condition device with very minor blemishes and light marks that aren’t noticeable unless expected at close range.

See all Excellent condition phones.

Pristine (Like New)

These devices are in “Like new” condition, where there will be little to no wear on the phone what so ever.

See all Pristine condition phones.

For more information on our grading system, please click here.

Phone Bundles

With every single one of our phone bundles, you can expect the highest grade and condition phone as well as a genuine charger, USB cable, SIM opening tool and complimentary screen protector. Many of our Bundles also come with an original box to go alongside your refurbished phone so you can experience that “New Phone” unboxing experience. Some bundles even come with genuine headphones included!

We have a wide range of different bundles available which you can see here.

Unsure about what exactly your bundle comes with? Be sure to check the description area.

Accessories and an original box will vary from bundle to bundle so be sure to read what’s included with the device you’re looking at. If you’re still unsure, feel free to email us at for more information.

Single Phones

So what exactly can you expect when buying one of our “non-bundle” devices? Generally speaking, these products are the device you want on its own, not including accessories such as charger, USB cable and SIM tool. This does vary from device to device so be sure to read the “What’s included” section for more information. This option is ideal if you already have the correct charger and cables but just want to upgrade your device to a newer model. As these devices don’t come with accessories like the bundles, they are often more affordable and a great way to save that little bit extra.

Want a particular phone but it doesn’t come with the accessories you’re looking for? Not a problem. We stock all major accessories for our devices so you can be sure to find the right accessory for your needs.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us by email (

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