How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on the Samsung Galaxy

If you’ve lost a text on your Samsung Galaxy and are looking for a way to recover it, then don’t worry – it is possible, and these are the steps you can follow to retrieve your deleted messages.

When you first get your Samsung Galaxy it will ask you to sign in to Samsung Cloud, Samsung’s cloud storage service which holds back-ups of your files and data. Follow these steps to use this to save those lost texts!

  • First go to your Samsung Cloud settings. To do this, open the settings app, then tap on Cloud and Accounts, and then on Samsung Cloud.
  • Press Back-up Settings.
  • Look for the Messages option – if it is toggled on, then you might be in luck. If the date that it was last backed up on was before the messages that you’re trying to recover were sent, then the messages should have been saved to your Samsung Cloud storage account.
  • Tap the Restore option, and the backup files will be downloaded, and you can recover your lost messages from there.

And that’s all there is to it – Cloud storage saves the day! If your Samsung Cloud account wasn’t set to back-up messages at the date when the lost message was sent, then you may have to turn to third party data recovery services, such as drfone and android-recovery-transfer.

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