How to pronounce Huawei

A question that has been asked since the beginning of time itself. How do you actually pronounce the name Huawei? Well, we’re here to help.

The Chinese phone maker has taken the smartphone market by storm the past few months, catching up with both Apple and Samsung in a bid to be the biggest mobile phone marker on the market. But unlike Apple and Samsung, Huawei is one of the only companies out there right now where us westerners aren’t quite sure how to pronounce their name.

The issue comes where, especially in English, we mostly pronounce words as we read them. So, for example, you or someone you know may pronounce Huawei “hu-wah-we” or even “ha-wey”.

So it may come as a shock that you’re actually meant to say the name as “Wah-wey”. That’s right, you don’t say the “H” what so ever. Apparently, the origins of Huawei’s name come from two places. One, the word “Hua” literally translates to either “Splendid” or “China” depending on its context. Two, “Wei” means words such as “Action” or “achievement” - so I suppose we could all start calling them “Splendid Achievement” from now on.

Still a little confused? Here’s a helpful video to help you out.

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