How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone 7

How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone 7

Opening the SIM card slot can sometimes be a bit of a tricky process on some phones, particularly if you’ve just got a new phone and aren’t quite sure how to do it.

You’ll need two things for this. A SIM card tool, and an area of space to work with so you don’t lose any parts such as a table, worktop or desk.

First up, turn off the phone and pick it up, looking around the edges until you find a rectangular outline with a small pinhole on it. Next, get your sim card tool and gently insert it into the pinhole and press down with light pressure. The card tray should then gradually pop out revealing the sim card slot inside.

When removing the tray, be sure to be careful not to misplace or drop the SIM that is already inside, if you’re switching SIMs. If you’re inserting a SIM for the first time, you need not worry about this.

Some SIM trays come with two slots available. One for the main SIM and another for a backup SIM or SD card to increase internal storage.

Find the slot for the main SIM card, and gently place it into the slot so it fits with the shape and outline. It’s worth bearing in mind that some phones only take Micro SIMs, so if you have an older style SIM card you may need to request a replacement size from your network provider.

Once that’s in place, gently slot the sim tray back into the port and push it in so it’s firmly secured and flush with the bezel of the phone.

Then you’re done! Start up your iPhone and it will detect the new SIM.

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