How to Call the USA From the UK

If you’ve got friends, family or maybe need to make a business call to the USA but aren’t sure how to go about doing it, then don’t worry, there are easy steps to set you up in no time.

American phone numbers have a country code of +1 before them, however, as this code isn’t needed for calls from within the USA, this probably won’t be included when you are given the number. You also need to add the UK’s international access code of 00 before the number. This works like so:

Example American Phone Number

Dialled from the UK as

(333) 456 0123

00 1 333 456 0123


00 1 333 456 0123

+1 333 456 0123

00 1 333 456 0123

The essential rules of thumb are:

  • If the number you have is 10 digits, then add 001 to the start.
  • If the number you have is 11 digits and starts with 1, add 00 to the start.
  • If the number you have starts with +1, replace the + with 00.

You can add these changes to any saved contact’s American phone number to keep them saved and get straight through to them every time.

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