How to backup an iPhone to a computer

Our phones are often an integral part of our daily lives. From contacts, pictures and messages, to being our very own little storage devices. They have essentially become a moving folder. So every so often, it’s important to back them up so we don’t lose any important or meaningful files.

One way to do this, of course, is by backing up your photos and docs onto iCloud for ease of use. But another way is by manually backing up your entire phone onto a Mac or PC.

To do this you’ll need a few things.

  1. A working computer

  2. A USB/USB-C cable

  3. iTunes

So first up, plug the cable into the iPhone and then into the USB port on the PC or the MAC. Once that’s all done, open up iTunes and you should see an option at the top where your phone is recognised and selected. You can then manually save a backup of the data on your phone.

You have two ways of doing this. One, you can force a back up to iCloud itself via the settings, or you can save to your computer. Personally, I’d suggest doing both so you can be sure you have a save of your files no matter what. It’s not worth the risk of only backing it up to one account and then not being able to access that data due to a hard drive error, or not being able to log into your iCloud account in the future.

To back up your iPhone without a computer, there are similar steps available.

  1. Head to your iPhone settings

  2. Press on your apple ID near the top half of the screen

  3. Then click on “iCloud”

  4. Once that’s done press “iCloud Backup”

  5. Enable iCloud backup

  6. Then finally tap “OK”

Once you’ve done that, your iPhone should start to sync with iCloud and start updating. Most of the time iCloud does actually back up data every day anyway, but if it’s your first time doing so, it may take a little while.

We hoped this helped! Any questions feel free to fire them in the comments and we’ll try answer them when we can.

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