How much does a refurbished iPhone 7 cost?
It’s no lie that refurbished phones can save you a huge amount compared to buying brand new off the high-street.
On average, a refurbished iPhone 7 costs about £193.99 for a good condition phone. If you’re looking for a pristine iPhone 7 (like-new) it’ll cost around £249.99 which is included in a bundle.

The iPhone 7 is arguably one of Apple's best selling iPhones, shipping over 8.2 million devices.

But how much should you be looking at?

Often you won’t even have to compromise on quality either as most refurbished devices are sold in good and pristine condition so it’s just like a new device.

We supply a huge range of high-quality refurbished iPhone 7’s for you to take a gander at.

You can take a look at the full range here.

Here is just a small selection of what we have on offer.

Good Condition iPhone 7 - Good condition means there are small signs of use such as very light marks and perhaps the odd small scratch but it’s price also reflects that. So if you’re looking for a new phone but aren’t too concerned with the looks this may be the option for you.


Excellent Condition iPhone 7 - Excellent condition, or “Grade A” means pretty much what it says on the tin. These devices have incredibly minimal signs of use and often look like a brand new phone. We often offer these devices in a bundle so you can get that “Unboxing” experience of a brand new device - with charger, USB cable, screen protector and SIM card tool included.


Pristine Condition iPhone 7 - Pristine condition is essentially “Like-New” meaning that there are essentially no signs of use and in incredible condition. These devices are perfect for if you want the look and feel of a brand new phone, but without paying high-street prices. These are also bundled with accessories and a box to reflect the condition of the phone.


How we grade our phones

Good (Grade C)

A good condition device, you can expect some like blemishes and scratches

Excellent (Grade A)

Fantastic condition device with very minor blemishes and light marks that aren’t noticeable unless expected at close range.

Pristine (Like New)

These devices are in “Like new” condition, where there will be little to no wear on the phone what so ever.

Like what you see? See our full range by clicking here.

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