Apple iPhone 8 Rumours and Leaks Roundup

Last Updated: 10th July 2018

Apple iPhone 8 Rumours and Leaks Roundup

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What Can We Expect?

So let’s do a round-up of everything we already know from leaks and rumours about the new iPhone 8. Please note this may not be true but it is always a good way to get an early understanding of what to expect.

Due to the release date expected to be in September, being not so far away, the leaks/rumours are coming thicker and faster than ever before. Please remember however that there may be some setbacks due to manufacturing delays, which could extend the release date to as far as early 2018. This obviously comes down to how Apple wants to play this, supply the stock they have if not enough and drip feed the rest into the market, or do a big launch later than usual. This is all subject to the very little information we have, and for all anyone knows phones could already be being manufactured.

So What Do We Know? (From Rumours And Leaks)

-Front and rear glass panels with a curved borderless OLED display
-Like the iPhone 7, no physical home button
-The fingerprint sensor to be positioned under the screen
-Slightly larger power button to the side which could incorporate the fingerprint sensor
-Wireless Charging
-Optical image stabilisation for front and rear cameras
-Facial recognition software (Iris Scanner)
-The traditional headphone jack will remain missing
-Released alongside iPhone 7S and 7S Plus Models
-iOS 11 Software update
-5.8” Screen
-Apple’s A11 Processor

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You can take from the rumours what you like, as currently, that is all they are, until much closer to the release date we will not have any accurate details until Apple officially release this information.

Could Apple finally be onto something which competes with biggest rival Samsung’s S8 range, only time will tell, but judging from rumours, they do have big plans to include all the missing software and hardware developments which other market leaders now incorporate into their handsets?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make money from my old iPhone 8?

A: Yes you can! Trade your old or faulty iPhone 8 in now >

Q: When was the iPhone 8 released in the UK?

A: The iPhone 8 was released on 22nd September 2017.

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