All About iPhone Smart Mailboxes

Last Updated: 21st June 2018

What Is A Smart Mailbox?

A smart mailbox is a feature that helps you organise the emails on your iOS device. For example, the smart mailbox could place all the messages you receive about a certain project into one place regardless of which mailbox the messages were originally stored in.

How Do I View My Smart Mailboxes?

In your mailbox hover over the smart mailboxes section and click show. Your default smart mailbox is labelled Today and displays messaged viewed during that current day.

How To Edit Smart Mailboxes

In your mailbox, select the smart mailbox option and then simply click on edit smart mailbox and change the criteria accordingly.

Did You Know?

- When you make a change a message found in your Smart Mailbox such as marking it read or unread, or if you move or delete it, this will also be changed in your original mailbox where the message is stored.

- If your an iCloud Drive user your Smart Mailboxes will be available on your other Mac devices that have iCloud Drive on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a mailbox?

A: A mailbox is a folder where you can organise all your emails in.

Q: What is a smart mailbox folder?

A: Smart mailbox folders enable users to group their smart mailboxes together. For instance, you may have a Smart Mailbox that collects all your messages from your family member named "John" and another called "Amy" you can now collect them all in a Smart Mailbox Folder titled "Family".

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