Creating Your Own Phone Cover

Posted: Apr 12 2016

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Creating and personalising your own mobile phone cover has never been so easy! Simply follow these steps to get started >


  • Step 1 > Select the make of phone (For example iPhone) 
  • Step 2 > Now select which model you have (For example the iPhone 6)  
  • Step 3 > Now decide which design you prefer and would like to work on 
  • Step 4 > Now you are ready to design your very own mobile phone cover  
Under Options
- Here you can choose whether you would like a blank or coloured base image, simply click on the colour you prefer or leave it on the blank option. 
Under Text
- To add text to your design, just click the text option on the main menu, from here you can type in the text you want. You can also choose the preferred font style and select the colour you would like it to be.
- To add more text, simply press on the blue bar labelled add another. 
- To delete the text, you can click on the text you want to get rid of and press the ex on the tool bar, found on the right hand side. 
Under Images
- To add an image, just click on image, from here you can upload your images via your desktop, the web, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram & OneDrive. 
- Once you have selected the desired image, you will have the opportunity to crop your image, when you're happy click done.
- After this, the image will appear on the phone, now you can change the size of the image and rotate the picture. 
- To add another image, simply click on the blue bar labelled add another. 


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