Google Pixel vs iPhone 7

Posted : Mar 03 2017

  About The Google Pixel   The Google Pixel is the giant search engine's first real attempt at disturbing the mobile phone market, and so far it has impressed the experts.   The phone looks very similar to an iPhone, and some would say it's an iPhone alternative for those who like the design of the iPhone but prefer the android operating system but do not want a Samsung Galaxy.   The Google Pixel comes with a 5-inch screen, however, you do have the alternative option of buying the larger Google Pixel XL which has a 5.5-inch screen.   Despite having many impressive qualities, such as its clear 12.3 MP camera, lack of pre-loaded apps and fast operating system, many agree the phone still has plenty of room for improvement, including it's personal Google assistant which still needs some development to compete with the likes of Siri. The other criticisms f the phone include its lack of storage options and its easy to scratch body.    Although many have been pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the Google Pixel phone, initial sales have been low due to the high price point.        About The iPhone 7    Thanks to the controversy regarding the headphone jack (or lack of it) the iPhone 7 received a high level of interest from the start, and according to report's Apple sold 78.3 million iPhones in the final 3 months of 2016.   In terms of design the iPhone 7 doesn't look much different from the previous models, however, the device itself in terms of specifications has been much improved and upgraded.    There has been a number of new additions to the iPhone 7, which includes the absence of a headphone jack, a new 3d touch home button, an improved camera and it is now water resistant (not waterproof).   To conclude, this is probably the best iPhone yet, despite its similar design, the phone's specification is much improved and the phone has many new innovative features.          The Verdict   These two phones are quite similar in terms of design, price and specification, some may go as far to say that if you prefer the Android operating system go for the Google Pixel but if you prefer Apple operating system go for the iPhone 7.    Although the Google Pixel  beats the iPhone 7 on a number of different factors, such as the screen...

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