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21 Top WhatsApp Hacks Apps

Posted : May 12 2017

With over 1 billion people using Whatsapp, it is now rivalling the standard text message for popularity. Many simply use Whatsapp to send text messages and pictures to each other, however, there are many helpful features you may be missing out on to make your Whatsapp experience even better! Most of the hacks below are for both Apple and Android users, and when we talk about settings, we're talking about the settings within your WahatsApp app!   1. Get Rid Of The 'Read' Blue Ticks -  To remove the blue ticks that indicate you have read a message from your Whatsapp contact simply follow these steps: Settings> Account > Privacy > Read Receipts > Switch To Off     2. Read Messages Without Being Seen -  Similar to before, if you want to read WhatsApp chat messages without being seen but don't want to get rid of the blue ticks altogether, then there is another option. Before you open the WhatsApp chat put your mobile phone into airplane mode and the view the message, this is mean no alert will be sent to the other person. After you have read the message, leave the chat and turn off airplane mode and it will be like you were never there.     3. Turn Off Last Seen Status -  If you would rather your WhatsApp contact didn't see when you were last online you can turn this off by following these instructions. Settings >  Account > Privacy > Last Seen     4. Change Style Of Text -  Bold Text - Put an asterisk on either side of the word - *example* Italic Text - Put an underscore on either side of a word, for example -  _example_ * You can even combine both text types like this = *_example_*     5. Mute Certain Chat Notifications -  If there's a certain WhatsApp chat that is driving you crazy with notifications then you can mute this group by going into the chat and pressing on the name at the top of the screen which will open the message settings. When this menu appears, you can select how long you want the mute on for, this could be anything from 8 hours to 1 year. You can always see how many messages are in this chat by going on main WhatsApp chat page.      5. WhatsApp For Mac Or Windows PC -...

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