How To Reset Your iPod Shuffle And Touch (Both Hard & Soft)

Although it’s an ongoing joke amongst IT professionals that a lot of problems can be fixed with computers by turning it on and off again, it’s actually your first port of call when your iPod begins to slow its actions or if it’s frozen completely.

With many models of iPod now on the market, each reset method can differ slightly. We share reset steps for two different kinds of iPod, the iPod Touch, and the iPod Shuffle.

How To Reset Your iPod

Resetting your iPod Shuffle

Before you start the resetting process, ensure your iPod Shuffle is removed from any power source or docking station. These directions are specifically for the 4th Generation iPod Shuffle. If you have a different generation of Shuffle, the directions might differ slightly.

  1. Ensure the ‘hold’ button is in the off position
  2. When it’s completely off, you’ll notice the green colour has been completely covered by the button
  3. Wait around 20 - 30 seconds
  4. After the time has passed, switch the off switch back to its ‘on’ position
  5. Your iPod shuffle should now restart and hopefully, your issues will have been fixed

Resetting your iPod Touch

There are two ways you can reset your iPod Touch. Through either a ‘hard’ rest or a ‘soft’ reset. Only try the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ options if you’ve already tried simply turning your iPod Touch on and off again and the problems are still occurring.

The ‘Soft’ or force restart option

  1. Hold down your sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously
  2. A slider should show up on your screen DO NOT let go of the buttons
  3. Your screen turns off and flashes, still keep hold of your buttons
  4. This action should have forced your iPod Touch into completing a forced restart
  5. You should then notice the Apple logo on your screen
  6. Now you can release your grip on your buttons
  7. Your iPod Touch should have now begun to restart itself

If you’re still experiencing issues with your iPod Touch, you might want to try the below ‘hard’ reset option.

The ‘Hard’ reset option

This option will restore your iPod Touch’s factory settings. Your phone will be as empty as the day you purchased it. It’s a good idea to ensure your data is saved safely to the iCloud or iTunes by syncing your computer to your phone’s data.

If you’re wiping your iPod to sell it on. You’ll need to navigate to settings > iCloud > Sign Out before you begin the below process.

  1. Navigate to your settings and locate the ‘general’ tab
  2. When you’re inside the ‘general’ menu, scroll and find the ‘reset’ option
  3. Select the option labeled ‘Erase all content and settings’
  4. You will notice a message comes up to check you are sure this is the option you wish to select
  5. Simply select ‘Erase’
  6. Your iPod Touch should now begin erasing the data from your device

Do you want more advice about your iPod? Check out the iPod section of our Knowledge Centre for more helpful tips!

Article By Helen Jackson

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