iPod Touch Tips & Tricks

If you are an iPod Touch user, we hope these handy tips & tricks will help you get the most out of your iPod!

iPod Touch Tips & Tricks

Take An iPod Touch Screenshot

Hold the home button and click on the sleep button at the same time. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be saved in Photos under Saved Photos.

Save An Image From Web

To save an image from any webpage to your iPod Touch, hold your finger on the picture until a menu pops up. It will ask to save the image. Your images will be saved in Photos under Saved Photos.

Mini Music Menu

Double click the Home button while in any application and a mini music menu will pop up. This means you won’t have to exit the current application you’re using to change your music.

iPod Touch Magnifying Glass

If you have made a mistake whilst typing, hold your finger on the text until a magnifying glass appears and slide your finger to your mistake. This makes it a lot easier to see where the cursor will be positioned to make the correction.

Save Video Position

If you’re watching a video and would like to stop and continue watching it later, click on the “Done” button. When you return to that video it will resume where you left it.

Top Of The Page

To quickly get to the top of a page in any application, tap the “top bar”, where the time, battery, and service bar is.

Extra Domain Extensions

When typing a URL, hold down the “.com” button for extra extensions such as “.net, .edu, and .org”.

Fast Forward And Rewind Music and Videos

When playing a song or video, press and hold the forward or back button to fast forward or rewind. Alternatively, you can tap the album artwork and slide the circle to fast forward or rewind.

Alternate Characters

While typing you can press and hold a letter which will bring a pop up with different variations of that letter. This is very useful if you are typing in a different language.

Google Map Zoom

To zoom in, double tap the screen with one finger. To zoom out single tap the screen with two fingers.

Rearrange or Delete your iPod Touch Applications

To rearrange or delete any of your applications, hold your finger on any icon until they all start to wiggle.

You move the icons around by sliding them. If you wish to delete an application, click on the “X” at the corner of the icon.

Save iPod Touch Battery Life

One simple method to save battery life on your iPod Touch is to decrease your email fetch time. To change your fetch time go to Settings > Fetch New Data and finally choose the time interval, you have the choice of every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, or manually choose a time.

Force Quit Frozen iPod Touch Apps

If one of your apps unexpectedly freezes and will not respond to any of your commands there is a way you can force quit the app. To do this simply press and hold the home button for around 6 -7 seconds.

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