I Dropped My iPhone And Now The Screen Is Black

Posted: Aug 24 2016

So you have joined the thousands of people which drop their iPhone's, this can be anything from a harmless knock, to a more severe repair which is required. 

There are however a couple of quick checks that can be done to self diagnose the issue yourself.

1. If the screen is cracked but the light still emits and can still be used, then it is just the front glass which has been effected, this however is not as good news as it sounds as all iPhone screens are one part so the front screen will need replacing.

2. If the screen is cracked or unbroken but the screen is black try taking your phone off of mute and plugging the phone into a charger, if it vibrates and/or makes a sound. Then still bad news but better than the alternative, and this is your front screen will need replacing.

3. If the phone does not switch on and you have tried the above steps. Then there may be multiple issues caused by the drop, which will only be discovered once a diagnostic has been carried out.

All of the above repairs can be found on our website on the following link:


Simply select your device and find the repair relating to what is needed.


I dropped my iphone



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