How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Personal Hotspot Using Wifi

Posted: Sep 27 2016

Not all devices are as current as our smartphones. You may come across a situation where you need to use the internet but, for example, your laptop has no access to wifi but your iPhone has a great 3G or 4G connection. 

To use your iPhone data on your device all you have to do is connect it to your Personal Hotspot. 


Firstly, open Settings, then Personal Hotspot. Tap the switch next to Personal Hotspot so it turns green. Your personal hotspot will then show up on the device you are trying to connect as a wifi connection under your name, for example 'Jodie's iPhone'. 

If your bluetooth and wifi is turned off, a window will pop up asking you to turn them on in order to use your hotspot over wifil.  

On the device you are connecting, find your hotspot password that is shown on your iPhone under the Personal Hotspot settings, and enter it when prompted. 


Once you are connected, you will see a blue bar at the top of your iPhone showing how many devices are connected. However, please be aware that using your iPhone as a hotspot may require more data to be used than you normally use, and it will also use your battery up faster.  


 How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Personal Hotspot Using Wifi


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