How to remove an iCloud account from iPhone, iPad or iPod

Posted: Sep 06 2016

If you have hold of your iPhone or iPad:

If you currently have in your hand your iPhone or iPad, this is the easiest way to remove your iCloud details before sending your device back to us or if you want the Apple device completely wiped. Before wiping the device please ensure all data is backed up.

Go into Settings:

1. Press General.
2. Scroll down and press Reset.
3. Press Erase all contents and settings.
4. Press the Erase iPhone pop ups.

How to remove an iCloud Account from an iPhone, iPod or iPad

This will remove all data from the phone including iCloud account details, setting it up to the way it was first received.



If you do not have your iPhone or iPad.

On your iCloud account follow the below steps to remove iCloud accounts remotely yourself from home.

To do this you have to ensure the device is switched off

1. Log into iCloud.com
2. Select 'Find my phone'.
3. Select your device from the drop down.
4. Select 'Remove from account'.
5. Select 'Remove' on pop up message.



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