How To Not Get Disturbed By Your iPhone

Posted: Aug 22 2016

How annoying is it when you're trying to do something but keep getting distracted by the realms of messages coming through from a group chat you're part of, but you don't want to turn your phone off? Well, Apple have this covered...

The 'Do Not Disturb' mode stops notifications such as messages from showing and making a noise when your phone is locked, unless you 'wake' your phone. The messages still come through but it can sit beside you and cause no distraction and interruption. Phone calls are silenced and sent to voicemail although there are certain exceptions... 

This feature allows you to choose contacts to allow calls from, such as favourites, a group of contacts or everyone. Another exception is the option to allow calls from a contact if they have called more than once within 3 minutes. This option gives you the peace of mind that you wont miss anything really important. 

You can also schedule this feature to turn on and off at specific times. This is perfect if you forget to put it on silent before you fall asleep as it does not affect any alarms you may have set. 

You can access it by either swiping up and touching the crescent moon icon to the right of the Bluetooth icon or under 'Control Center' in the main settings. 

So if you get easily distracted or your silent function has broken, put your iPhone do not disturb function on before sending it to us for a quick and easy repair!  

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