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On the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 you can now set yourself a bedtime instead of setting an alarm.
All you have to do is tell your iPhone how much sleep you would like and when you need to be woken up.
The difference between this bedtime feature and the alarm setting is that your iPhone will now start sending you little reminders that you need to go bed soon if you want to get your full allocated sleeping hours in.
If you want to start helping your sleeping pattern, simply follow these easy setup steps:
1. Open the clock app
2. Select the bedtime tab
3. Hit get started
4. Choose the time you want to wake up and press next
5. Select which days you want this feature set for
6. After this, select how many hours of sleep you want and continue
7. Now decide when you want your bedtime reminder and what prompt sound you would prefer
8. Finally, press save in the top hand right corner of the screen and sleep well

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