How To Use WiFi Calling On Your iPhone

Last Updated: 11 JUL 2018

All iPhone's from the iPhone 5S upwards enable Wi-Fi calling. When you turn on this function it means when your iPhone cannot detect a cellular signal it will automatically allow you to make a call using your Wi-Fi instead.

To turn this feature on simple go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and finally slide it to the on mode. To confirm it has been switched on you will see Wi-Fi after you carriers name in the status bar at the top.

How To Use Wi-Fi Calling On Your iPhone

* Please note, it is not supported by all carriers, however, it is supported by the likes of EE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Wifi Calling On Other Devices?

A: Yes, you are able to use Wifi calling on all Apple Devices, inlcuding the Macbook and Ipad.

Q: But I can't Switch It On

A: The Feature of Wifi calling is available, but it will only work if your carrier allows it to! Some companies will not allow you to use Wifi calling.

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