How to Tell If Your iPhone Is Locked Or Unlocked

If your iPhone is locked, it means you can only use your iPhone on that selected network (s) (such as EE, Virgin or O2). However, if your iPhone is unlocked, you can use it on whatever network you like and can change it at any stage.

There are two main methods of checking if your iPhone is unlocked or not, below we have listed both methods and given instructions on how to find out this information.

The easiest way of checking if your iPhone is locked or unlocked is by checking your settings menu.

Step 1 > Open up your iPhone settings menu.

Step 2 > Select mobile.

Step 3 > Now look for an option called Mobile Data Network. If you can find this option then your iPhone is most probably unlocked, however, if you can not see this option your iPhone is probably locked.

This method of checking is not bulletproof but is usually correct. Additionally, you can check via using sim cards which has been described below.

To check whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked by using a sim you will need two different sim cards from different networks. One of the sim cards should be from the network you are signed up to, and the other from another network.

Step 1 > Make a test phone call using the current sim card in your iPhone and make sure it goes through ok.

Step 2 > Turn off the iPhone off and insert the alternative sim card.

Step 3 > Switch the iPhone back on and attempt to make a phone call and see if it connects ok.

If the second phone call does not go through with the alternative sim card, then the iPhone is locked.

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