How To Take Photos While Shooting Videos On The iPhone

Last Updated: 12th July 2018

Apple’s iPhones are renowned for their high-quality photographs and their latest model is no exception. The iPhone 7 boasts a 12-megapixel camera, optical image stabilisation a quad-LED True Tone flash and much more. The iPhone 7 was only released in September 2016, and the next generation of iPhone has already been talked about, so you can bet that the camera features are only going to get better.

How To Take Photos While Shooting Videos On The iPhone

Wondering if your iPhone is compatible?

If you have the iPhone 5 or higher, you can take photos as your record your video. Also, if you’re wondering about your iPad, this feature is compatible with the fourth generation and higher. So amongst a generation of selfie lovers and vloggers, how can you create photos whilst shooting a video with your iPhone?

How It Works

Step one: Open your camera app on your iPhone

Step two: Swipe your screen from picture mode to video shooting mode

Step three: Start recording by pressing your red recording button (or press the volume buttons to begin the video recording)

Step four: As you film, you can still tap your white picture button. The screen will flash white each time you take a photo – almost like when you take a screenshot. This lets you know each time you’ve taken a photo.

The photos you capture whilst recording your video will be saved in your iPhone camera roll, just like normal. There’s also no limit to how many photos you can take while you’re shooting.

Now you know how to do it, there’s no reason for you not to produce some great pictures from your videos.

We’ve listed a few pros and cons of taking photos while shooting a video on your iPhone, just so you’ll know what to expect from the feature:


  • You can capture a fantastic action shot without missing out on videoing the event
  • Sports and events are great places to try out your newfound iPhone feature
  • Taking photos this way produces a better quality image than screen-grabbing a video clip


  • The images you manage to take, aren’t always the highest resolution
  • Doesn’t work with every iPhone model. You can find apps on your App Store that does enable you to do this if your iPhone is an older model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will taking a photo while recording a video affect the video?

A: Taking a photo while recording a video will not affect the video, and it will record and save like normal.

Q: Can I edit the photos taken when recording a video?

A: Yes, you can treat them like any other photo!

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