How To Mute The Shutter When Taking A Photo On Your iPhone

Fed up of hearing the shutter go off when taking a photo on your iPhone? Here are a few ways to mute it!

Mute Your iPhone

The easiest way to mute the shutter sound when taking a photo, is to mute your iPhone. This can be done by sliding the button down on the left-hand side of the phone, so it shows orange. This will not only turn your phone to silent but will allow you to take a photo silently!

The Song Trick

This method is a little bit more complicated, but perfect if your mute button is broken. Open up your music on your iPhone and play a song. Once the song is playing, turn the volume right down to 0. You are then free to open the camera and take a photo silently. This method may not work on older iOS software, so you may have to update your iPhone.

Happy silent snapping!

How to mute the shutter when taking a photo on your iPhone


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