How To Change Your Passcode On The iPhone

Last Updated: 11 JUL 2018

If for some reason you need to change your iPhone password then all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Settings > Touch ID & your current iPhone Passcode. If your device doesn't have Touch ID go to Settings > Passcode.

2. Select Change Your Passcode.

3. Finally, you will be asked to enter a new six digit password or alternatively, you can select passcode options where you can switch to a 4 digit numeric code or a custom-made code of your choice.

How To Change Your Passcode On The iPhone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Can I make My Passcode?

A: As of now, passcodes are between 4-6 characters long, and must be numerical. However, Apple has hinted that they may be a change coming in the entire security system.

Q: Why Should I have A Passcode?

A: Having a passcode is the best way to keep your Apple device secured. It means that even if you leave it out, no one can access your phone. As well as if it is stolen, no will be able to access your Apple Device.

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