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Since the update of iOS 10, it's now possible to change the intensity of the torch on any iPhone with 3D Touch!

1. Swipe up to show the control centre

2. Press down firmly on the torch icon, which is the icon on the bottom length

3. A menu will appear, allowing you to change the intensity of the torch to 'bright light', 'medium light' and 'low light'.

This function is perfect for when you need your torch, but might not want to disrupt everyone with a bright light! Great if you've dropped your popcorn in the cinema or you're looking for your glasses half way through the night!

How To Adjust The Torch Brightness On Your iPhone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I Adjust the Torch Brightness On My iPhone?

A: You should adjust the torch brightness appropriately in order to save your battery life. The Torch can use a lot of your battery life.

Q: What is the Torch Used For?

A: Sometimes you can get away with shining your phone screen when you can't see what you're looking for. But, when it's not enough, you can use your torch and the three settings it has.

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