Difference Between iPhone X and the iPhone 8

Last Updated: 10th July 2018

Towards the end of 2017, tech giants, Apple, unveiled two new mobile phones, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. After the iPhone 7 failed to offer much more than the iPhone 6, fans were naturally cautious. So, what are the differences between these two new phones, except for the £300 price gap?

Difference Between iPhone X and the iPhone 8

Identical Processors

While it is essential to understand the differences between the two models, it is also worth noting the similarities. The iPhone X costs at least £300 more than the iPhone 8, depending on the spec chosen, but both handsets are packed with the same technology. They both operate iOS 11, the latest release of the mobile operating system by Apple. If you were to crack open the cases you would find an A11 Bionic chip, M11 Motion coprocessors, and neural engine. The iPhone 8 is only lacking in one area, and that is the facial recognition feature offered by the X - it works using the A11 chip and neural engine. So, this is a cool X trick that will no doubt get fans hitting the shops.

Size Differences

The iPhone X is a lot larger and does not fit with past sizing conventions. The iPhone 8 will fit the same case as the 7, and the 8 Plus will fit the 7 Plus case - handy when you upgrade. The X has a whole new dimension and is quite a lot bigger than its predecessors.

Phone Security

When it first hit release, facial recognition was lambasted for being easy to fool, with twins and lookalikes all being able to gain access, but worse still hard to unlock by the real user, with 'face not recognised' errors. While this seems to have settled down, there is no doubt it is a much slower way to get into your phone than the iPhone 8’s tried and tested fingerprint technology. But, with patches to iOS 11, this will eliminate these teething problems as it really is feature users love.

Wireless Charging

Lagging behind competitors on this one, both the X and 8 offer wireless charging without the need for a bulking case. Apple is still piggybacking with Qi at the moment as their AirPower pad is not due for release until later in 2018. It means you must buy the extra Qi pad and cabling which adds to the cost, in the region of an extra £100, if you do not already have a charging pad. But, for convenience it is money well spent.

Battery Life Improvements

To be fair, both phones offer a huge battery life improvement, although the crowned winner might surprise you. Although much better than previous incarnations, the larger screen and some of the features of the X means it offers around 12 hours of battery life. However, the 8 blows this out of the water with a much superior 15-hour battery life (if not more). No more reaching for your phone towards the end of the day and finding the red battery symbol - bonus.

Camera Extras

With almost identical rear-facing cameras, the X sees some new features to the front-facing camera. Both Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting are exclusive to the X, plus some new emojis and CGI type tricks. Both models offer a high standard picture, that rivals many digital cameras.


These two handsets are quite different, but both feature the Apple gadgetry we know and love. The choice will come down to personal taste. There is no doubt both will be a popular choice and iPhone will continue to hold its place at the top of the mobile technology tree with these innovative offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does face ID work in the dark?

A: In order for Face ID to work, your phone will need your full attention, this means, your eyes need to be open and looking directly at the camera. Unfortunately, this will not work in the dark.

Q: What if a thief steals my phone, scans my face and makes a run for it?

A: Firstly, it's very highly unlikely that this will happen. Secondly, if you're for whatever reason unsure, you can temporarily disable Face Touch ID.

Q: But what happens if I grow a beard or cut my hair?

A: Apple says Face ID says it will still be able to identify you.

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