How Can I Bookmark A Website On My iPhone?

Sometimes when you are browsing the internet on the go there is a page that you think you would like to revisit later on, or maybe there is a website that you frequently visit; this is where a bookmark comes in handy. Follow this simple guide to save all of your favourite sites!

Step 1 Go into Safari and type in the website you wish to visit and bookmark.

Step 2 Once it has loaded simply tap the middle icon on the bottom row of options, shown below.

Bookmark Icon On iPhone

Step 3 A pop up menu will appear and this will offer you the 'Add Bookmark' option, along with a symbol of a book.

Step 3 Simply select this option, and it will then take you to a screen giving you the option to name the bookmark, and then when you are done just tap save in the top right corner.

Step 4 When you open a new tab your bookmarks should be immediately visible Alternatively when you are on any other page you can use the book symbol on the bottom row, and go to 'Favourites' to access them.

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