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How To Remove OR Edit The 'Sent From My iPhone' Email Footer

Posted: Mar 11 2016


How to Remove OR Edit The 'Sent From My iPhone' Email Footer


Your iPhone will automatically add a footer at the bottom of any email you send, which is preset to read 'Sent From My iPhone'. Rather than deleting it every time you send an email, you can change what it says or remove it! Here's how: 


Step 1 Go to 'Settings' on your iPhone.

Step 2 Select the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' tab.

Step 3 Scroll down the menu until you get to 'Signature' and select this option which automatically set to 'Sent from my iPhone'. You are able to choose whether you want to have the same signature from all of your email accounts, or change it individually for each one. This is useful if you have a work account that you would like to have your professional signature, and a personal account which you'd like to be more informal.

Step 4 Then simply tap in the box with the text 'Sent from my iPhone'. In here, you can edit the text or delete it to remove it all together. 

Step 6 Once you are done, simply tap the left hand corner to go back to Mail, and the changes will automatically have saved.





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