How To Recover A Deleted Photo On An iPhone

Sometimes you need to get rid of some photos, and this can lead to the devastating moment that you delete a photo accidentally. No need to panic though, just follow these simple steps to retrieve the photo!

Step 1 Go into your 'Photos' menu.

Step 2 Scroll through the albums till you get to 'Recently Deleted' and tap onto this.

Recently Deleted From iPhone

Step 3 Simply find the photo you need back and open it

Step 4 In the bottom right corner there will be an option to 'Recover' the photo, simply tap this and then tap 'Recover Photo' to confirm.

Alternatively, if you want to recover more than one photo then once on the album of recently deleted, choose 'Select' in the top right hand corner. Then just tap all the photos you wish to get back, and select 'Recover All' in the bottom right corner, following Step 4 as above.

The photos will then be back in your Camera Roll in the place that they originally were.

Photos stay in the 'Recently Deleted' folder for 30 days after originally deleting them. So make sure to get them back before it's too late!

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