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How To Check Your Storage On The iPhone

Posted: Feb 04 2016

Have you had that annoying message popping up to tell you your storage is almost full? Follow these simple steps to find out just how much you have left.

Storage Almost Full iTunes

Step 1 - Go to ‘Settings’ in your iPhone.

iPhone settings button

Step 2 - Scroll down to ‘General’ and go into this. It will have a little grey cog symbol next to it.

Step 3 - The top option should be ‘About’ tap this and then scroll about half way down the menu.

Step 4 - There it will show you ‘Capacity’ which lets you know how much storage your iPhone has altogether and then underneath this it will say ‘Available’ which is how much of this storage you have left to use. If it appears that you are running low then you can always buy more iCloud storage from Apple. See our guide for more information.


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