Will iPhone 6s Sales Prevent Apple From Falling Short This Quarter?

This week Apple will reveal its quarterly results, and investors are among many whom wait with baited breath. Wall Street wants to know whether iPhone success will continue to grow now after Apple’s massive success this time last year; they reported the most profitable quarter of any US company on record, in the three months leading up to December. Their fiscal quarter ended September 26 and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders began September 12, this means that full quarter of sales won’t be offered, so the industry will be awaiting the sales forecast for the current quarter.

iPhone Facing Down

The worry is that Apple won’t sell as many smartphones as the year before, a worry that isn’t completely unjustified. The whole smartphone market is in trouble and even China, a key market for the company, has shown fluctuations in iPhone sales recently.

Former rivals Blackberry are already suffering, reporting a quarterly loss in June that exceeded industry estimations. Although CEO John Chen does not appear to be concerned it is clear that the business is struggling. All the one time key players in the industry are losing momentum, Samsung, HTC, and now it seems Apple, although may have held out much longer, could be dragged down with them.

Blackberry Phone On Floor

Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed questioning on the effects of Chinese fluctuations on iPhone demand, but it seems even Apple analysts have acknowledged there is a concern that iPhones may soon be seeing a year-on-year drop in sales for the first time since its launch.

The latest Apple quarterly results are released on October 27 2015.


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