I Dropped My iPhone In Water, What Now?

If you have dropped your iPhone in water, follow these steps:

  1. Remove your iPhone from the water as soon as physically possible.
  2. Turn the iPhone off immediately. (If it’s plugged in, unplug it straight away and be careful!)
  3. Remove iPhone from case and disconnect any headphones, chargers, cables etc. (if necessary)
  4. Remove the battery, SIM card and any other components you can that were exposed to liquid damage.
  5. Dry the iPhone off with a piece of fabric (Do not use a hair dryer or place in an oven or microwave.)
  6. Give the iPhone a little shack to get rid of any water that may be left inside. Alternatively, you could use a Q – Tip to get into the different smaller areas of the phone.
  7. Leave it in a warm place, but not too warm.
  8. Finally, send your phone to Quick Mobile Fix, as we repair water damaged iPhone's at low cost with a 1 year warranty on all repairs. However, this is not a guaranteed repair service. And if additional repairs are needed, you will be contacted straight away.

One Final Warning: There are many DIY phone repair remedy’s, that do work in certain circumstances, however, many of these treatments actually cause more damage in the long run, especially to the battery that will only become apparent months later. For example, a famous case involved someone who used the rice technique to dry out his phone that he dropped in the pool, months later his iPhone 3GS spontaneously overheated. We highly recommend you visit a phone repair specialist.

All iPhones have indicators to show if they have been affected by water (liquid) - click here to see where the indicators are on your iPhone.

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