How To Block Numbers On The iPhone

Constant nuisance calls and texts can be an annoyance. Learn to block calls and texts from pesky salespeople, clingy ex’s and general unknown numbers on the iPhone.

The blocking feature was introduced in Apple’s iOS7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in 2013 and has remained in the subsequent updates since. So if you have any unknown or irritating numbers you’d like to block, follow the instructions below.

Note: unfortunately you won’t be able to block unlisted numbers but at least you’ll be able to block any known number from contacting you via calls, messages, and FaceTime.

Blocking a contact/number:

Access your recent calls, messages or FaceTime calls and tap "i" next to the phone number or name.

Tap 'Block this Caller' at the bottom of the page and confirm by tapping 'Block Contact'

How To Block Numbers On The iPhone

Now, all blocked calls will automatically be routed to your voicemail. There will be no indication a call, text, or FaceTime request has been received on your device but you can still contact the blocked number yourself if you chose to do so.

Viewing your blocked list and unblocking a number

You can view your blocked contacts/numbers by going to Settings>Phone/Messages/Facetime>Blocked

block a number on an iphone

Here you can see everyone you have blocked on your iPhone and also add more contacts/numbers as required by tapping 'Add New...'.

If you decide to unblock someone this can be done in the same menu by tapping 'Edit' in the top right corner, tapping the '-' next to the contact/number you want to unblock and then tapping 'Unblock' when it appears.

You can also unblock a contact/number the same way you block them on their contact information by tapping 'Unblock this Caller'.

unblock a number

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