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One of the things many users find frustrating about the iPad is the fact you can only have one app open at a time and must keep flicking between the two. On a computer, you can generally resize windows and line up more than one in view at a time. The ability to switch between apps has been made a bit easier with the taskbar (or dock) on newer iPads, but still, the frustration remains - why can’t you just split the screen and see two apps at once?

Spoiler alert - you can!


Great News for iPad Users

Hands up if you didn’t know that you could split the screen on an iPad? Don’t worry, you are certainly not alone. This feature is not available on older iPads, and for it to work, you will need a 5th gen iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4. So, if you have one of those models and want to learn more, keep reading.


Getting into Split View

As it sounds, split view creates two separate windows on the iPad meaning you can use two apps simultaneously, and importantly, be able to see them both at the same time. So how do you do it?

  1. Firstly, open one of the apps you want to use.
  2. Now, swipe up to get to display the dock.
  3. Select the second app you want to work with, hold your finger on it and drag and drop it up either to the left or right of the screen.

Sometimes, this opens the app in slide over mode meaning the app is open in a second window, as an overlay over your first app. Don’t worry, all you must do is grab it by the ‘_’ in the corner and move it upwards. When you do this, the apps will appear neatly side by side.

You will notice that there is a line splitting the screen, and this can be used to adjust how much of each app you wish to see. Simply drag this divider to the left or right until you have created the perfect screen split. If you prefer the slide over, and you want to return to that, swipe downwards on the app and it will return to the overlay view.


How Do I Get Out Of It?

Now, how do you get out of the split screen? Thankfully this has been made incredibly easy too. When you want to quit one of the apps, simply grab the divider bar and drag it over the app to close it and it will disappear. You can then close the remaining app, when you are ready, as you would normally.



We are really thrilled that Apple has added this feature, as it makes life much easier for users. It was one of the features missing from the iPad that potentially stopped them from replacing desktops. Professional users will find their mobile office just a whole lot more convenient thanks to split view. It works in both landscape and portrait mode and using your device in portrait offers larger screen views of both apps when in split view mode.

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