How To Delete Apps On An iPad

Last Updated: 10th July 2018

Storage is a premium on your iPad, and it is easy to get behind on housekeeping and end up with apps that you no longer use blocking space and making the device slower. However, there are three easy ways to remove apps you no longer need so let's take a look so you can clean up your iPad and create the maximum space...

How To Delete Apps On An iPad

Do the Wiggle

The most well know way to remove apps is to set them wiggling and tap the grey cross that appears as they dance away. However, recent incarnations of iOS have confused many diehard users as they discovered that holding down the app created a menu rather than setting the screen jiggling. The secret here is the way you tap the app. A hard press and hold does indeed release the menu, so to get the apps wiggling you need to hold with a more gentle press. Once the apps are wiggling select the ones you no longer need and delete them with the cross. With the screen in this mode, you can also move apps around or drag them into folders.

Use Settings

Another way to remove unwanted apps is to head to the settings icon. From here find the general option and then iPad Storage. Here you will see a list of the installed apps and how much space they are taking up. You could be surprised at how much space an unused game is taking. The list of apps can sometimes be slow to load as the system is assessing each app and seeing what space it uses in real time. If you see an app that you no longer want simply click on it. You will then be taken to the menu for that app, and you will see an option to delete app.

If you are running iOS 11 or higher, there is another feature that can help you. In that iPad Storage screen, you will see an option called Offload Unused Apps. This can automatically offload any apps that are not used to generate storage when you run low. Any data or documents associated with those apps is saved, and you can reinstall them at a later date if needed.

Use iTunes on your Mac

This option only works if you have not already upgraded your iTunes to 12.7. From 12.7 onwards the app management was removed however for iTunes 12.6.3, or lower this still works well. When you connect your device, you will be shown all the apps that are installed, and you can choose which to delete. They will be removed for good from the device but remain on your iTunes meaning you could later decide to add them back. It also means if you use more than one device with your iTunes account you can have different apps on different devices.


Removing apps from your iPad has been made as user-friendly as possible, and Apple has given users a few options to choose from. So, eliminating unused apps should be simple to do by following the steps above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I redownload a deleted app on my iPad?

A: Yes, you can reinstall a deleted app on your iPad through the App Store!

Q: I can't delete an app?

A: You may not be able to delete preloaded apps which were on the iPad when you got it, however, recent updates have allowed these apps to be deleted.

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