How To Copy & Paste On An iPad

Need to copy some important information, very specific numbers or paragraphs of text on your iPad but don't know how to? Well, this is the blog post for you! Follow the simple steps below to make using your iPad a whole lot quicker and easier!

How To Copy Text On An iPad

To copy a section of text on the iPad, simply follow these steps:

1. Double tap on the section of text you want to copy.

2. A blue box will appear over this text, you can adjust and drag the anchors to select the text you want to copy from that page.

3. Once your happy with the text you have selected all you have to do is press copy or cut.

Tip: To select all the text on your iPad screen, tap on the screen and the press select all and finally choose either copy or cut.

How To Paste Text On An iPad

To paste the text you have copied or cut simply follow these steps:

1. Double tap on the area where you want to place the text.

2. A pop-up will appear, now press paste.

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