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How Do I Find Out Which iPad I Have?

Posted: Aug 25 2016

The majority of the iPad upgrades look almost identical, so how can you find out what iPad you have.

It is actually very easy and has been in front of you this whole time.

You are wondering how I can make such statements as you have been staring at your iPad for hours, days even weeks trying to work out the age old question of "What iPad do I own".

On the reverse of all iPad's is the word Model followed by an A**** code, it looks something like the image below (minus the red box highlighting what you are looking for).

Compare this against the list after the photo and there is your answer.

It is now much easier to check out your next repair or make sure that when you do upgrade you are actually upgrading.


Model Number
iPad 1st Generation (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1337
iPad 1st Generation (Wi-Fi) A1219
iPad 2nd Generation (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1396
iPad 2nd Generation (Wi-Fi) A1395
iPad 3rd Generation  (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1430
iPad 3rd Generation  (Wi-Fi) A1416
iPad 4th Generation (Retina) (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1459
iPad 4th Generation (Retina) (Wi-Fi) A1458
iPad 5th Generation (Air) (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1475
iPad 5th Generation (Air) (Wi-Fi) A1474
iPad 6th Generation (Air 2) (Wi-Fi) A1566
iPad Mini 1 (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1454
iPad Mini 1 (Wi-Fi) A1432
iPad Mini 2 Retina (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1490
iPad Mini 2 Retina (Wi-Fi) A1489
iPad Mini 3 (Wi-Fi) A1599
iPad Mini 3 (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1600
iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi) A1538
iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1550
iPad Pro (Wi - Fi) A1584
iPad Pro (Wi-Fi & Cellular) A1652


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